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We provide IT Maintenance, IT Services, Structured Cabling and Surveillance System.
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Office at Johor Bahru, Malaysia
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IT Services

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Business Desktop/Laptop & Printer

Everyone needs a computer and a printer, especially at work. It might be tempting to buy a less expensive consumer computer from any IT retail store for your business, but by doing so, you will be doing your customers a disservice. Business computers have features that make them best suited for office used.

Business computers are built to last longer and are easier to service than consumer computers. Once a business expands beyond a half-dozen employees with computers, it will likely need a dedicated IT staff or IT outsourcing service provider, and they will need computers with business IT features to make deployment and troubleshooting easier.
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Network Management & Security

Network Management & Security consists of policies adopted to monitor and protect unauthorized access, misuse, or modification of your computer network and network-accessible resources.

It manages complex and outdated security policies and to provide effective network management and good visibility into network traffic.

A good design of network management and security can reduce the risk of targeted attack.
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Server Solution

Need a powerful computer to keep and share your data over a network? A server is an ideal solution to help centralize your business information and help you to work more efficiently.

Many people could have a misconception that server is only used in large enterprises and data centers. Today, server-based networks can be found in SMEs – some with fewer than five computers.

A server provides one central place to store business information, which means you can better manage business-critical information. It’s easier for staff to find, access, share information and schedules.
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Wireless Network Solution

In today's technology world, it's hard to imagine living life without a wireless connection. We design and implement robust security, reliability and high performance Wi-Fi that your business needs. Which includes controlled Wireless Internet Access to authorized visitors while keeping the internal network secure.
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